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Fancy a stag do in Wroclaw? Definitely you will not regret it. Wroclaw is a fresh place on the stag map. While Krakow, Prague and Riga are already well-known cities for stag groups, Wrocław is still a place, where staggers remain anonymous and are warmly greeted by the locals. Still developing activities service during the day and night makes the city attracted not just for stag groups, but also for all other people who want to spend time actively at a low price.

You will be pleasantly surprised by Wroclaw (pronounced Vrotslav), which will present to you all its splendor. Central Market Square, small streets around it, cobbled courtyards, pubs, bars and clubs in the city center are just a step away from your hotel. Visit the Old Town Central Market is a mandatory point to visit to admire the beauty of this fourth largest city in Poland.

Stag weekend in Wroclaw is a great choice for those who appreciate the Polish personality, comfortable hotels, great prices and great entertainment during a day and a night. A wide range of activities, such as paintball, go-karting, shooting, quad biking, hovercrafts riding is a good choice for stag groups during the day, while a large number of students makes the city vibrant at night.

While Krakow and Warsaw are already well-known places to spend the last night of freedom, Wroclaw gives you the opportunity to touch a real Polish. And we can arrange it for you. Check out what we can do for you on our site www.activepoland.com and choose something what fits you best. Make your stag party even more exciting!



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