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Football sparing

Refill your batteries after a hectic night before and spend an active day outdoors. Get some fresh air, grab you friends and feel like a professional footballer. We organize fully professional or amateur football sparings. Our offer includes five a side or ten a side full size pitches. Indoor playground available on request. We provide referees, changing rooms with showers, and even a sparing team, if you feel strong enough to beat them. So grab an opportunity to feel like a premiership team and get a real football experience.

Individual price includes:

  • Equipment – ball
  • Details – 90 minutes indoor pith with plastic grass, 5 a side (55m – 32m) or 10 a side (109m – 60m), transportation, guide assist, changing room, showers, 90 minutes pitch hiring
  • Staff – local guide assist
  • Venue – football pitch near city center
  • Group size – minimum 10 – 22 persons
  • Transportation duration – 25 minutes
  • Duration –  2,5  h
  • Availability – all year

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