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Quad biking

You can learn how to drive them in a few minutes even if you have never driven a car and don’t have a driving license. Protected by a special outfit you can challenge any pond or mud, uphill and downhill routes. Quads offered by our company are equipped with a fully automatic gearbox, manual accelerator and brakes and one axle drive which is more than enough to have great fun. For those who like excursions to the woods it’s a unique possibility to reach places not reachable even for 4×4 vehicles. We offer quad drives on racing tracks.

Individual price includes:

  • Equipment – 2 or 3 machines, 4×4 Yamacha 350cc or 250cc Honda, helmets
  • Details – off road track, 20 minutes riding per person
  • Instructors – local guide, instructors
  • Venue – off road 500 meters long track
  • Group size – minimum 8 persons
  • Transportation duration – 30 minutes one way
  • Activity duration – 1,5 – 3 h

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