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4×4 off road

Off Road means an excellent, exciting trial of driving skills in a 4×4 vehicle. It’s not a speed that counts but steering skills, orientation and driving precision. With our company after a short training course you can seat behind the steering wheel and try for yourself Off Road. Our instructor sitting next to you will demonstrate to you the capacity of the vehicle and help you to challenge untracked terrain. All you need is energy and a driving license.

Individual price includes:

  • Equipment – Off Road cars like Toyota Four Runner, Toyota Land Cruiser, Isuzu Trooper and other
  • Details: 20 – 25 minutes of driving per person
  • Staff – one instructor in each car, local guide
  • Venue – 2 km long off road track
  • Group size – 8 – 15 persons
  • Transportation duration: 45 minutes one way
  • Activity duration – 2– 3 h

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