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Off-road 4×4

We will take you on a professional track, which shows how good our 4X4 Jeeps are in off road ride. Steep downhill or uphill ride, roadblocks, mud, and everything else that you can find in wild forest will be on your way. Satisfaction guaranteed.
For an extra charge we can arrange a BBQ with dishes like: hot soup, shish kebab, grilled steaks, sausages, vegetable salads, tea & coffee, bread etc.

Price from 190 PLN  per person includes:

  • Equipment: 1 – 3 Jeep
  • Details: 20 minutes of driving per person
  • Staff: one experienced instructor in each car
  • Venue: proffesional off road track
  • Transfers: included – 40 minutes one way
  • Group size: 10 – 30 persons
  • Duration: 3 – 5 hours
  • Availability: all year

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