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Football sparing

Forget about UEFA Champions League, we’ve got something even more exciting. Polish national football team has a long time rivalry with English national team. We all remember those moments at Wembley Stadium. So, how about a football match against a Polish team? If you play football and you think that you’re good enough to face our local team then this is the option for you. We can arrange the level of skills of your opponents according to yours. We guarantee you a professional football itch (with artificial grass ), 3 referees and 3 changing rooms (1 for each team, 1 for referees).

Price from 180 PLN  per person includes:

  • Venue – professional football training ground, five a side or ten a side full size pitch. Each ground is equipped with changing rooms and showers
  • Details – we organize tournaments with opponents with different skills
  • Equipment –  gloves for goal keeper, ball, refreshments
  • Staff – polish football team, referee and guide
  • Transfers – included – 50 minutes one way
  • Group size – 10 – 22 persons
  • Duration – 3 hours
  • Availability: March to October

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