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Active rafting

Active rafting is a dynamic sort of rafting where you take a part in some activities based on mountain kayaking technics. The tasks let you make common decisions and approve yourself in creativity and new unusual situations.

Great proposal for those who want to tear themselves away from city noise and actively relax on river lane near Wroclaw. No previous rafting experience is necessary – even if you can not swim you can enjoy rafting. Pontoons hold 6 people and are manned by a river guide.

We finish rafting by camp-fire and feast.

Price includes:

  • Equipment: Colorado pontoon, crash helmet, life-jacket, neoprene trousers, blouse and boots, paddles
  • Details: inter alia you do activities such as picking a man up from the current of river, towing a man by line using a kayak, learnig swimming in the current of river and getting safe to the river bank
  • Staff: 1-2 experienced instructors (1 per 15) and guide
  • Venue: Nysa Kłodzka river in Lower Silesia
  • Transfers: included – 90 minutes one way
  • Group size: 10-25 persons
  • Duration: 3 – 4 hours of active rafting
  • Availability: April – September
  • Also included: equipment carriage and preparing for rafting, personal property transportation to the end of rafting and accident insurance

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