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Get some fresh air, move your body and have fun with your friends playing paintball. An active day outdoors will surely help you to recover from the hectic night before. Choose one of the exciting scenarios  – capturing the flag, building defense or saving the president and show off your shrewdness and tactics.

Individual price includes:

  • Equipment – 200 bullets, mask, semi auto paintball gun, uniform, refreshments
  • Details – at least 3 hours of paintballing, 3 different scenarios: capture the flag, building defense, trenches war
  • Staff – 2 experienced instructors, guide
  • Venue – the activity is organised on a paintball field, we use forrest area and urbanised area
  • Group size – 10 – 40 users
  • Transportation duration – 30 min one way
  • Duration – 3 – 4 h

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