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You say that you have “Been there and seen it”? All the other activities seem to you like daily life? You would like to try something from “out of space”? Than zorbing is just for you. Because something which was invented on the opposite side of our planet cannot be ordinary. Zorbing/sphering gives you a shaky unforgettable thrill of rolling down on a gentle slope straight into a lake. Even thugs have jelly legs when they enter the gigantic rubber ball. So. Do you dare?

Price includes:

  • Equipment – 1 Zorba sphere
  • Details – 2 hours of Zorba Sphare hiring
  • Venue – Zorba track on Kryspinów lake, 80 meters long
  • Group size – 10-20 people
  • Transportation duration – 30 minutes one way
  • Duration – 2 – 3 h

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