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Snow cross mobiles

We will take you out of Krakow in Tatra Mountains. We provide powerful snow mobiles and 2 hours journey through beautiful mountain trail. In this amazing wild scenery is a big chance that the Stag meet a stag. Don’t forget take really warm clothes even if you think that adrenaline warm you up. After activity we invite you to tradicional mountain style restaurant nearby.

Individual price includes:

  • Equipment – amount it depends on order, motor vehicles, 2 sits, full automatic clutch, helmets, area, refreshments
  • Details – every participant will start form training and after that he goes on a mountains route. We provide two seats machines. In the same time 2 persons can be carried. In first hour one of them is driving and they change after one hour.
  • Instructors – 2 instructors, local guides
  • Venue – 5 km long mountain trail The activities take place in mountains. It is 100 km away from Krakow in Zakopane near Tatra mountains.
  • Group size – 8 – 20 people
  • Transportation duration – 2 hours one way
  • Duration – 2 h
  • Seasonal: from 15 December – 15 February

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