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Shooting 23 bullets

This sport doesn’t require shooting precision as is commonly thought of, but rather mental strength. Shooting takes place all year round in an indoor facility designed for sport and recreation shooting, both static and dynamic. The shooting gallery fulfills all safety requirements. Here you can fire weapons assisted by a professional instructor who will teach you how to use the gun. We offer rifles and pistols to choose from.

Individual price includes:

  • Equipment – 3 different guns, 23 bullets
  • Details – target shooting, , 10 Kalashnikov bullets, 10 Glock bullets, 3 powerful Pomp action shot gun shots
  • Instructors – 2 or more experienced instructors
  • Venue – half indoor or indoor, professional shooting range
  • Group size – minimum 10 persons
  • Transportation duration – 25 minutes one way
  • Activity duration – 1 – 2 h

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