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Pirates & night club

Here’s the offer for the start of the evening. We would like to invite you to a tavern, just by the beach in Sopot, where you are going to change into pirates for about 3 hours. First you’re gonna get a fantastic evening meal and a pint of beer. Then you will take part in a couple of wild activities like pillow fight on the sail boom or tug-of-war. You will also get a taste of rum after a dicing game with a real pirate. Yo-Ho-Yo-Ho A Pirate life’s for me……
After few hours with Pirates you will have a guaranteed entrance to the hottest club in Sopot. And you’ll see on the dance floor why they say that Polish women are the most beautiful in the world.
For an extra charge you can have a reservation of seats and tables in the club.

Price: 210 PLN per person includes

  • Transfers: on foot or by taxis (taxis not included)
  • Venue: old pirates tavern, night club in Sopot
  • Staff: 1 or 2 local guides
  • Details: we book table in old pirates tavern, provide dinner and 1 beer, after dinner activities (pillow fight on the sail boom or tug-of-war), at the end the entrance to the night club in Sopot
  • Group size: 10 – 30 people
  • 24/7 guide mobile number

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