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Paintball is a fake war using the guns with paint. The game is very dynamic and realistic therefore is full of excitement. There are many scenarios such as  taking over the opponent’s camp or rescuing a hostage which make paintball so thrilling. You receive all equipment hire + 200 paintballs per person.

For an extra charge we can arrange a BBQ with dishes like: hot soup, shish kebab, grilled steaks, sausages, vegetable salads, tea & coffee, bread etc.

Prices from 150 PLN per person includes:

  • Equipment – 200 bullets, mask, semi auto paintball gun, uniform, refreshment (extra 100 bullets – 30 PLN)
  • Details – 3-4 different scenarios (capture the flag, building defence, save the president)
  • Staff – 2 experienced instructors and guide
  • Venue – you will play in special arranged, closed area. There are many obstacles (wooden trenches and shelters, hunting tower, banger)
  • Transfers – included – 40 minutes drive one way
  • Group size – 10-40 persons
  • Duration – 2 – 3 hours of paintball
  • Availability: February to November

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