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Quad biking

Driving a four-wheeled machine has never been more exciting. A short training is given to each of the participants eager to enjoy their time driving a quad bike. First you ride for about 15 minutes on 2 special tracks as a training for what’s about to come. Then you go for about 15 minute wild off-road ride with your instructor into the forest.
For an extra charge we can arrange a BBQ with dishes like: hot soup, shish kebab, grilled steaks, sausages, vegetable salads, tea & coffee, bread etc.

Prices from 190 PLN  per person includes:

  • Equipment –  2 – 4 quads (250 cc), helmets /on demand we can arrange 4×4 450 cc quads/
  • Details – 30 minutes riding per person, off road track
  • Staff – experienced instructor and guide
  • Venue – off road track
  • Transfers – included, 40 minutes one way
  • Group size – 10 – 22 persons
  • Duration – 1-2 hours of riding and 30 minutes transportation, one way
  • Availability: February to November
  • Additionally we can provide camp fire on site with sausages, bread, mustard, gherkins and one beer

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